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We at TCMMD know it is your constitutional right to use Cannabis to treat your outstanding issues. We know everyone is different and will ensure you are in full control of your own health care here.

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The Future is Today

The State of Florida has legalized Cannabis for the treatment of certain symptoms and diseases. Read the information from the State of Florida for more details.

Quick & Easy Examination

Due to the fact we are typically just verifying pre-existing conditions, the appointment consists of a very quick discussion with our doctor, and the completion of an online application. Typically you are in and out within 30 minutes, and you will be visiting the dispensary within 10 days.

State-Approved Process

The State must verify your residence before you are given access to MMJ Treatment Centers. This process takes about a week once the appointment is complete and takes no effort on your part. We handle everything for you, and we work hard to ensure the wait is not delayed.

Price Match Guarantee

If we can verify a lower rate to cover all six 70-day recommendations, and all in-office visits over a 12 month period, as required by state law.

We will not only match that price, but also give you an additional $25 off.

Hello! I’m Dr. Sigman

Doctor Timothy Scott Sigman graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Biology from The University of Central Florida in 1994. He continued on to obtain a Masters of Biomedical Science in 1996 from AUC Medical School and then graduated with a Medical Doctorate from AUC in 1998. Doctor Sigman is a third generation Doctor from Palm Beach and has many accomplishments to his credit. He was a pioneer in the Stem Cell and P.R.P. cosmetics and Orthapedics Industry. He achieved breakthrough results due to his ability to work together with his patients to push the envelope and do what was needed to make them well again. He has been a strong proponent of Medical Cannabis since his freshman year in Medical School, and plans to utilize this plant’s healing power to do wonderful things. He has witnessed the usefulness of this miracle plant first hand, and spends his days studying the benifit our patients are achieving with this medicine. Dr. Sigman is a wonderful addition to our team and we are all looking forward to what comes next!!!!!

How We Can Help

Free Consultations with a Qualified Physician Available to Answer your Questions at all times!














Chrohn's Disease


Parkinson's Disease




Chronic Pain

Any condition which is comparable to the ones listed above is also covered. The State also recognizes any terminal condition diagnosed by a doctor as well. If you are unsure if you qualify do not hesitate to call!

Our efficient process makes obtaining your recommendation for Cannabis quick and easy!

Great experience! After having a bad experience with another doctor, I had to find a new one and Dr. Ching was fast by getting me in the next day for a recertification. Most affordable doctor I found in the state. Friendly and knowledgeable. I Would highly recommend😁😁😁

Dan J

Patient, Google

Fast from start to finish, very friendly and informative would definitely recommend!!! Scott was awesome!!!

Jenn H

Patient, Google

Speak With Our Staff

Our knowledgeable staff will guide you through the entire process. They will answer all of your questions and ensure you know what to expect in the future as well. As part of our qualification process, a doctor is always available to answer questions that only doctors can. All of this is done before you ever walk into our office.

In-Office Appointment

Once you have decided to pursue a Cannabis Recommendation, our Staff will schedule you for an in-office appointment. At this appointment you will complete a quick physical to verify your condition, and submit an application for addition to the State of FL MMU registry. Approximately 10 days after visiting our office, you will be added to the Registry and allowed to visit any dispensary in the State to obtain your Medication!

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